Hidden gem in the heart of Ubud

11, 80571, Ubud

Company: lazy cats. cafe

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About the space

Step through a black iron gate, pass the portrait of a regal-looking lion, and head up to a second floor filled with light and the distant buzz of the streetside, and you’ll wonder just how long Lazy Cats has been around. The answer is since November 2016; yet the presence of pre-loved furniture, washed-out walls and industrial elements makes for a ‘just right’ play between old and new.

Lazy Cats is on the main road of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, close to popular spots such as the Ubud Temple and Museum Antonio Blanco. The cafe has three main sections. As you enter the street-level foyer, a vintage
lamp with exposed wiring hangs from a washed-out mustard ceiling, left as found in
order to “do as little as possible to keep the remarkable patina of the space”,
explains the owner.
The second floor is an expansive, mixed-use area. It includes an open kitchen,
bar, bookshelves and what is described by Dornier as “an extended living room”. It’s
here where you can set yourself down amid single armchairs and floppy couches,
beside classic wooden coffee tables and marble top tables with pastel pink legs.
These are accented with greenery, animal portraits, and statement pieces such
as a huge vintage mirror. Daytime allows for the appreciation of light streaming in
through the roof’s rickety bamboo blinds. “We added lighting and sealed the roof
with glass, keeping the skylight created by the deterioration,” Dornier explains.
Come nightfall, overhead Edison lamps create a warm glow, reinforcing the team’s
efforts to be romantic yet subdued.


  • Shared space
  • External catering is allowed


  • Beamer & screen
  • Flexible furniture layout
  • Flipchart
  • Professional lighting
  • Sound System
  • Speakerset
  • Stage
  • WiFi


  • Family friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Smoking Zone
  • Wheelchair access


  • Service staff
  • Technician


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • In-house catering

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