What is a bachelor party? A party given to a soon-to-be-groom by his friends as a celebration for his "last night of freedom" is called a bachelor party, or a stag party. Similarly, a party given to the soon-to-be-bride is called a bachelorette party. There are loads of bachelorette party accessories and fun bachelorette party ideas available, but the most important and equally hard part about parties in Amsterdam is finding the right venues.



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Stag Weekends and hen parties in Amsterdam. Where can we organize these?

Venopi will help you find the quirkiest, most happening places in town for your parties. Along with having the right setting, location and accessibility play key roles in making these parties in Amsterdam huge successes. There are tonnes of bachelor party destinations all over the town, and Venopi even gives you the power to filter out venues based on the various services offered, like receptions, parking, increased accessibility for the disabled, air conditioning, and much more. We can also help in arranging the decorations and catering, making Venopi the perfect partner while organizing a stag party.

We at Venopi know how much marriage matters, but we also know that bachelor(ette) parties mean a great deal too – they serve as a reason for old friends to come together, have a couple of drinks, good hearty laughs, and catch up after unreasonably long times. Everyone takes out time from their busy schedules and makes sure to come spend time with the soon-to-be-wed friend, and the party echoes with corny jokes, incessant teasing, and drunken dancing. After all, the term wild bachelorette party is not just for show! And to compliment this wonderful gathering, the perfect venue is needed. And that is exactly what Venopi can help with! You’re just one click away from finding the best places for bachelor parties in town!