Venopi Community Standards

Last Updated: November 1th, 2018

Maintaining Venopi as a healthy marketplace requires users to showcase their spaces and/or services, plan their events, and interact with other users in a cordial and professional manner. We rely on you to follow these guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of all Venopi users, including yourself, when posting Content, communicating with other users, using Spaces and/or Services, and making or accepting payments. These guidelines are a non-exhaustive list intended to give assurance to all our users.

We take violations of these Community Standards seriously and may suspend or terminate an Account for ongoing or serious violations. We may also moderate, remove, or edit any Content that violates these Community Standards or if we believe it adversely affects the integrity of Venopi or other users, and may add and remove elements of these Community Standards over time by posting an updated version to our website.

These Community Standards are part of and use words and phrases defined in the the Venopi Services Agreement.

You must agree to our Community Standards, as part of the Venopi Services Agreement, to use of the Platform and Services. Please read them carefully and only use the Platform or Services if you agree to abide by them.

Partner/Vendor will

  • Comply with any Laws, including local zoning, permitting, or tax laws. Zoning and use restrictions are in place to protect people, including your guests. You know your Space and/or Service best and Guests trust that your Space and/or Service is up to code, properly licensed, and safe.
  • Accurately represent the nature, condition, and pricing of Spaces and/or Service. Most Customers will not have seen your Space or booked your Service before their event. It’s important that you give them an accurate idea of what to expect. While we know you want to put your best foot forward, you should be realistic and honest about your Space and/or Service. Customers should also have a realistic idea of the actual Booking costs and clearly list any services you provide for an additional cost. You may not list prices lower than what you intend to charge.
  • Only offer Space and/or Service that you’re permitted to Book. If you don’t own your Space and/or Service or don’t have permission to List it, then you are not permitted to List it on the Platform. If you are renting, and not the owner or manager of a Space and/or Service, you may need to have approval from the owner, manager, or other party of interest before you List it. You are welcome to List multiple Space and/or Service but may not offer Space and/or Service to Customers that are not Listed.

Customers will

  • Use Space and/or Service with respect and as described to Partner/Vendor. Partners take pride in their Spaces and/or Services and trust that they will be respected by Customers. It is important that you are honest and do not misrepresent the intended use of a Space and/or Service when Booking. It is up to the Partners to determine how they want (or do not want) their Spaces and/or Service used.
  • Never store, transport, or possess hazardous material in a Space. This should go without saying but hazardous material can harm people and do permanent damage to Spaces. Bringing hazardous materials to a Space is not only dangerous but may be illegal, and you could face significant civil liability or criminal action for doing so.

Everyone must will

  • Use the Platform as Intended. The Platform is meant for Partners/Vendors to List and Customers to Book Spaces and/or Services. You are not allowed to use the Platform to promote products or services other than your Space and/or Services. You may not send unwanted messages or spam, promote use of a Venopi competitor, or use the Platform to communicate with users with no intention of Listing or Booking on the Platform.
  • Respect other people’s information. You are only allowed to use the Content provided through the Platform as intended. You may not use or misuse Content from the Platform, images, or descriptions outside of the Platform. You may not harvest, scrape, or collect other information about our other users, such as names, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses or any other Content that is not publicly displayed in search results pages prior to a Booking confirmation.
  • Communicate with other users honestly. People trust Listings, comments about Spaces and/or Services, and your communication with them. It’s important that you are clear and honest when you post. You may not use the Services to deceive or mislead people, post false or inaccurate statements, open multiple Accounts, or misrepresent who you are or your affiliations.
  • Transact honestly. Users may only use the Platform to transact as provided for legitimate Bookings. Use of the Platform to conduct payment or other transactions offline, or attempting to transact when you know or believe the payment or payout is invalid, may result in suspension or termination of your Account or Fines.

No one may

  • Discriminate against other users. Discrimination against any other users based on their race, sex, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or any other legally protected class is illegal and not permitted on the Platform. If we believe that you have refused to transact with another user based on any of these, we may suspend or terminate your account immediately.
  • Harm, intimidate, or threaten Users. We’ve built a Platform that we are proud of and that our users trust, and work hard to keep it that way. You are prohibited from doing anything that may harm or intimidate users, or interfere with their use or operation of the Platform. This includes threatening or harassing other users; posting undeserved or disproportionate reviews, or reviews that do not reflect your experience; attempting to extort other users for discounts or favorable reviews; or threatening legal action.
  • Encourage or endorse illegal or dangerous behavior. You may not post Content that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activities, including obscene content or encouraging activity that may lead to other users harm. While use of marijuana is or may become legal in some jurisdictions, it remains prohibited under federal law and may not be grown, sold, distributed or used in any Space that is Booked on the Platform.
  • Share personal or dispute information. For your protection, you may not share personal or sensitive information about yourself. This includes your home address, phone number, payment information, or other sensitive information that could lead to fraud or identity theft. This may be a safety risk to you and others. You may also not post any details about an ongoing dispute between you and another user.
  • Harm, intimidate, harass, or threaten Venopi or our brand. Anyone threatening Venopi or our employees will be removed from the Platform and reported to law enforcement. You may not engage in behavior on the Platform or use Venopi marks or logos in a manner that violates the Venopi Service Agreement or harms, dilutes, or misuses our brand.

Data deletion instruction

Users can request to delete their data by emailing with the subject Data deletion. Our team will remove your data within 48h. Remember that we might ask for proof of identity as confirmation. We cannot delete existing or past bookings or requests but will transform your user to an anonymous ID.

Should you have any questions or comments concerning this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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