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Dance Studios. Are they necessary for good practice sessions?

A dance studio offers something huge open arenas can't offer – a huge mirror. These mirrors usually cover up the entire wall and are at a distance which can be compared to about half the distance from the audience to the performance stage, hence giving the dancers a real feel and view about how their performance would like to the audience. Along with mirrors, dance studios have the right amount of light, ventilation, and flooring which will help dancers improve tremendously. There are many dance workshops conducted for different dance forms, like hip-hop dance, salsa, contemporary dance and the very famous swing dance of Amsterdam various studios in Amsterdam.

Yoga Studios in Amsterdam. Where can I practice and teach yoga?

Dance studios are often used for yoga as well, with the big mirrors being perfect for perfecting the various yoga postures, and the smooth yet reliable flooring being the perfect weight-bearer for all the health-beneficiary headstands. These studios can also be used as practice spots for gymnastics and exercises like Zumba.

Amsterdam Summer. What do I do during the summer break?


That's right! After all, anybody can dance! With hundreds of dance classes in Amsterdam, your summer break will be spent doing an activity which fills your heart with joy, and at the same time makes you fit and active. Dancing has been scientifically proven to calm your nerves, strengthen your muscles and improve hand-eye coordination. And what better way to start off your dancing then with the Amsterdam dance center?

Venopi will help you shortlist the dance workshop of your choice. With our wide range of dance studios and dance centers in Amsterdam, you are bound to find the best fit for you. We will also help you find amazing dance trainers who will help you harness your dance talent.

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