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How can event companies help my events?

Got something in your mind but don’t know where to start? Then event organizers can help you. They help clients to achieve their dream event. From shaping your idea, giving feedbacks, getting the necessary items for your event, until realizing your dream event.

What are the different types of event planners?

Event planners, or often called event organisers, are focused on different type of events. There are wedding planners focusing on weddings, corporate event planners, birthdays organisers, festival organisers, etc.  

How do I choose the right one?

Make sure you know which event is the event companies specialised for. For example, if you are planning to have a wedding, then you should start browsing on Venopi for wedding event management.  On the other hand, if your company is looking for one specialised on corporate event, then you need to look for a company who have handled corporate events before. By getting the right one you will get help in managing your events and deliver your planned events.

How much does it cost?

There are many factors in determining the costs like: the size of the event, the experience of the organisers, the details of the event itself, the service that clients ask for, and many other things.

What about wedding event management? Do I need one for my special day?

Most of the time couples look for help in managing their wedding because the whole process is very time consuming and overwhelming, but again it all depends on the clients. There are different type of wedding planners based on the service they offer: full service planners, partial-service planners, day-of planners and specialty planners.

How can I find the right one on Venopi?

Start with browsing event planners on Venopi. By using our filter you fill find one that is suitable for your need. Don't forget to check which services they offer and what are they specialised for. If you want to complete your experience for your event, don't forget to check our other listings here. We also have catering, DJ, event decorator, basically anything you can think of for your event.

Why do I need to search on Venopi?

Venopi is created to help you searching event vendors without hassle. We also built several features to ease the journey on planning your events. Use our filter to navigate your search, or create a collection where you can save your favourite vendors and share them with your loved ones.

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