A birthday in Amsterdam calls for a big party, and a big party needs a huge venue. Whether it's a baby birthday party, kid's birthday party or an adult birthday party, placesare aplenty. All we need to do is find the right one. And that's exactly what Venopi is here for!



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Party in Amsterdam. Where do I find the right place?

A party requires not just great music and food, but also the right decor and location. Your venue must be in a nice location, must be easily accessible, and must give the birthday feels. With our various filters, you'll be able to search for the right place, and all from the comfort of your home! We will give you an approximate of the number of people the venue can host, the time and day it will be available, and the rental cost. Children's birthday parties are the most important part of their lives, and it is our responsibility to make sure they are perfect.

Kid's birthday parties. How can we make it special?

There are lots of kids birthday party ideas, and parties can include entertainment such as group games, talent shows, tattoo designs and magic shows. An outdoor party setting or a party in a gaming center would make for a fun party. Kids invite all of their friends to their parties, and they all come together to have lots of fun. Thus, children's parties aren't just any social gathering, it is one of the most entertaining days of the year for them. Party venues are mainly preferred to home parties as they save the host a lot of energy and the associated mess with parties can be side-stepped. And with amazing venues, they can only get better! From having in-house entertainment options like a play area or pony rides, party venues need to cater to every kind requirement. Venopi, along with helping you find the right venue, will also help you with the decor and catering and will make sure that your kid has the best Amsterdam birthday ever!