Cinemasia Opening Night


10 May 2022 17:30 - 19:00 150 [[ currency({ amount: 600, country: `The Netherlands`}) ]]

Business Event Catering requested

Cinemasia Amsterdam is looking for a caterer to provide Asian finger food (dumplings, spring rolls, baozi, other easy to consume snacks) for the opening night on May 10th (17:30 - 18:45). We would like to have a caterer that fits the theme/mood of the movie (*). 


There will be around 150 - 200 people attending, and the budget is between 600 - 800 EUR.


We can also make a deal with exposure and food orders for the members (discount price) during the whole festival.


* The movie of the evening:


Dewi (Just use my name)
Arnaud (Just use my name)
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