There are lots of meeting points in Amsterdam, which can be used for both corporate meetings and informal meets. However, we will be focusing more on the corporate meetings which are arranged for team building, tuning some skills, or even pitching ideas. These usually require huge auditoriums and halls, which can be very difficult to locate and book. Venopi can help you there!



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Meeting rooms in Amsterdam – Where can I find the right place?

We at Venopi know that finding the right venue can be tiresome, as it includes shortlisting venues based on online research, then running around for the contact details and booking the available venues. So much stress, right? And that is exactly what Venopi tries to help with! We list down all the suitable Amsterdam venues for you on a single page, which can be browsed through easily, even more so because of the various filters which can be applied like facilities provided and seating capacity. We also provide the contact details on our website, along with its availability, making finding the meeting point very easy.

We also provide contacts for photographers, caterers and decorators, making Venopi the perfect help for organising meets in Amsterdam. All you need to do is visit our website!


Meetups in Amsterdam – What do they include?

Many of you may be wondering what we really mean by meets. Corporate Meetings are nothing but social gatherings organised by institutions and organisations intended for potential clients or employees. Some examples include Seminars and Conferences, Trade shows, Appreciation Events, and Shareholder meetings. If your company has set some new milestones for the upcoming year, and you want to inform all your employees about it, a Company or Organisation Milestone meet is an efficient way to do it. Team Building Events or workshops will help in improving team work and bonds between the employees. Product Launch Events and Board meetings can also constitute as corporate events. Another type of meeting is the various types of workshops conducted by companies, organisations, or experts are mainly aimed at tuning required skills and team building.


Have a venue which can be used for conferences and such, but don’t know how to tell people about it?

That’s exactly what Venopi is here for! All you need to sign up, and we’ll host your contact details on our sight, which will visible to all the people who search for venues on our website. Isn’t that wonderful? So come on in, join the Venopi family!