Do you need to rent a private office space? Find one on Venopi. We have a wide array of office spaces suited to your needs, be it a one-off meeting, a recurring business meeting, or even brainstorming activities. You only need to browse to compare spaces from different vendors and book directly through us. We are working closely with our vendors making sure that our customers are getting what they are looking for. Be it renting a small office space, or a big space for an office gathering, we have the selection for you.




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Need to rent office spaces near you?

You have come to the right place. Check our listing for renting office spaces near you. We always update our listings as soon as new vendors are available.

What is the ideal office space?

Each event requires a different type of space and everyone has different needs and requirements for their events. Start with some basic questions when choosing an office space: what do you need to rent the office space for, how many people is it for, are you looking for a private office or co-working space. Based on this information you can start browsing for the space you’re looking for. You can use the website’s filter that has been created to serve your demand, such as location, price range, size, equipment's availability, etc.

Any tips on finding the right space?

As discussed above, you have to suit your demands to the space. For example:if you have a meeting that requires certain equipment, you can start looking for a space that offers them. When you want to have a recurring meeting, think of a space that is easily accessible, or the one that offers a kitchen. Or do you wish to create a certain ambience in an office space? Then you might need to look for a vendor who allows you to design the space. With Venopi the option is endless.

What is the difference between co-working space and office space?

Co-working space offers flexible working spaces rather than the more traditional office spaces. It is often considered less formal than an office space. The open space layout of co-working space encourages people to network with other people. Venopi offers both working spaces and office spaces, no matter what you're looking for.

How to find the right one?

Looking for renting a small office space? Or looking for renting a private office space? By using our filter you fill find one that is suitable for your need. Don't forget to read on the site which facilities they offer. If you want to complete your experience for your event, don't forget to check our other listings here. We also have catering, decorator, basically anything you can think of for your event.

Why rent space on Venopi?

Venopi is created to help you searching event vendors without hassle. We also built several features to ease the journey on planning your events. Use our filter to navigate your search, or create a collection where you can save your favourite vendors and share them with your loved ones.

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Still can't find what you're looking for? Or do you need help with your event? Contact us here. We help you finding your perfect office space effortlessly.