There are so many things to do in Amsterdam! Having a get together with friends or colleagues is wonderful, especially with so many beautiful places in Amsterdam. However, if we could combine physical fitness with such a get-together, wouldn't it be great? A group Zumba, or a nice little workout session with your colleagues, or even a swim with your friends. Doesn't it sound fun? And this is exactly what Venopi will guide you through!



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Exercise programs. Where, when and why?

I'll start with the last question first: the benefits of physical activity. Along with the glaringly obvious weight loss, physical exercise also help with controlling and preventing loads of other illnesses, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cardiovascular problems. It also makes you healthy, both body and mind. But can exercise help your soul? Yes, it can! Group exercises will help you find and bond with new friends and will help relieve a lot of stress and make you happy, essentially enlightening your soul.

When? Any time of the day! Usually, early mornings or evenings are preferred, but you can exercise whenever you want!

Where? Now, this is where we come in. Venopi will list out some of the best places for you to do your usual physical health activities like yoga, aerobics, or swimming. Outdoor, indoor, we provide a list of all of the best venues!

There are loads of different kinds of physical exercise programs conducted all across Amsterdam – there are a few which host physical activities for children, then a few which host some yoga classes or light exercise classes for senior citizens, and of course there are many running and cycling clubs. There are physical fitness workouts too. All you need to do is to enroll yourself to one of these, as these will act as stress busters as well as help your body stay healthy and fit.

Things to do in Amsterdam. How does Venopi help with that?

At our website, we list out all the Amsterdam points of interest, which help you decide which place to visit next with your friends. These venues are usually open gardens or dance studios, which you can rent out to conduct some group activities. So if you have a wonderful group plan, do not let it get washed away because of the struggle of finding your perfect venue- cause we will do that for you! All you need to do is go through all our unique filters, which will help you find your ideal location as soon as possible; be it fun dance sessions, tiring workouts or lazy pool trips, we have the just the right place for you!

I have a place to rent out, and I also plan on starting physical fitness classes. Where do I start?

Want a free space to advertise your venues or classes? Sign up on Venopi! We will be hosting your contact details along with a small abstract on our website, which will help your potential customers get in touch with you easily. So come on in, join the Venopi family!