Humans are social beings, that is, we work better when we gather together, by having family reunions, get together parties or even lunch dates. Based on the occasion, people, and time, social gatherings require different venues. At times you search for venues for family gatherings, other times you search for good pubs and breweries. We at Venopi know this, which is why we present to you our list of social gathering venues.



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Come on, gather here!’ – List of social gathering venues

Venopi has put together a wonderful list of the most popular and effective gathering venues in Amsterdam. We have included restaurants, conference venues, family reunion vacation spots, party halls, and even outdoor venues like gardens and resorts. Based on your requirement, you can browse through our list and select a venue best suited for your gathering. All you need to do after this is use the contact details provided by us to book yourself a place and enjoy!


Social gatherings – what exactly are they?

Social gatherings can be any event where a group of people come together. They include get together parties, weddings, conferences, lunch and brunch dates, birthday parties, family reunions, etc. Usually done with the intent of having a good time, social gathering are accompanied by lots of photographs, good food, gossip, drinks, and music. Hence, ambience and food become integral parts of organising a gathering. Venopi will be able to provide you with contact details of photographers, decorators and caterers, which will make our website the one-stop for all your social gathering needs.


Family parties – what do they need?

Family reunions can be exciting and exhausting at the same time – there will be the fun older cousins, cute yet annoying younger ones, inquisitive elders and cool uncles. And dealing with these people will come to you naturally, after all, they are family. However, organising family get togethers is no easy task. You need to search for venues for large family gatherings, then for accommodation for these family get togethers , for the right caterers, decorators, and even some fun activities. Venopi can help you with all of this. All you need to do is log on to our website.


 Also, if you have a site which you think is perfect for social gatherings, and want to tell people about it, all you need to sign up, and we’ll host your contact details on our sight, which will visible to all the people who search for venues on our website. Isn’t that wonderful? So come on in, join the Venopi family!