Do you have the right ideas, co-workers, and enthusiasm to start work in your own office, but just need a push regarding the office space? Then Venopi is just the thing you need! With our customer-friendly helplines, advanced searching algorithms and various filters, we can lead you to your dream office right here in Amsterdam!



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Rent an office. How the right office makes a difference

Your office rental space speaks a lot about your company. It talks about your attitude towards the customer, about your visions for the company, and also about your taste in furniture. Your office needs to be situated in areas closer to your targeted customers. It needs to be easily accessible on Google Maps. It needs to be spacious, yet not drab and empty. It needs to have good ventilation, huge windows, your favorite houseplants, and a coffee machine. It needs to define you. And Venopi understands this. With our help, you will be able to rent office space in Amsterdam and make your dream office a reality.

Office rentals with Venopi. How is it different?

We at Venopi know how hard it can be to rent or rent out a place. Getting the right place, the right price, the right customer; we know it can get really tiresome, and the phone bills can get really high. Don’t you just wish for an easy way to do this, just lounging around on your bed? This is exactly what we do! Let us do all the scouring, thinking, and filtering to give you a list of all the best office spaces to rent! And to those of you who have open space to rent out, but don’t have the resources or time to advertise it, we'll do it for you. All you have to do is sign up and join our ever-growing family at Venopi, all for free!

Shared office space in Amsterdam. How can I find these almost fictional places?

We assure you that these are no myths shared offices and coworking spaces are very much available at Amsterdam, and now right at your fingertips! By giving us a brief idea about your business, we could even help you in finding a rental where your office partners could even help you grow your business, and you could help theirs. With Venopi, coworking space in Amsterdam could become a wonderful reality!

Office rent in Amsterdam. Can I really afford it?

With average prices at €150-250 per month, an office centre in Amsterdam is no longer an impossible dream. Venopi strives to bring to you the best suited and most affordable office rental space, with good locations and well-maintained buildings. Do not be fazed about our online service; we guarantee that every fact told about every office space on rent on our website is unbiased and true, and you will find that rent an office is no longer the mammoth task it used to be.

With our connections to other services like catering, decorating, etc., Venopi will help you with not just renting space, but also with making that space into your office. With our 24/7 online and on-call customer care, and a Venopi representative who will walk along with you all the way from your online registration to the first day at your office, office centers in Amsterdam is no longer a faraway dream. Just one click, and we will have the best offices for you in Amsterdam on the go!