Want a way to make boring old conference meetings, ordinary parties, and monotonous talk shows lively and interesting? Host them in the unique venues of Amsterdam! Events in Amsterdam are a big deal, and choosing the right venue can be exhausting. And that is exactly why Venopi is here, to help you pick the perfect venue with ease!



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What makes a venue unique?

Whether it's the historic importance, or the architecture, or the location of the place, the best of Amsterdam always have something unique about them. Many of the big venues are usually historic buildings with lots of cultural importance, making the place unique. Some of the smaller venues which seem unique have either a strange yet pleasant architectural design, or are designed to have certain themes which make them special. Techno events, discos, board meetings, weddings, corporate dinners, kid's birthday parties , you name it, we have a unique venue in Amsterdam for it!

Best places to party in Amsterdam. Where can I find these divine places?

Being the centre of activity buzz, parties in Amsterdam can be the wildest nights of your lives. With techno parties and discos, these social gatherings can prove to be the hottest ones in town, all you need to do is to find the right place. You have two options to do this – 1. Run around different parts of the city, talk and fight with different venue managers and get a place, or 2. Log onto Venopi, see a list of party places in Amsterdam, see the availability, and book a venue. You decide!

Show them the unique side of Amsterdam. How conference meets can get interesting

With its history, Amsterdam has many old historic buildings which have now been converted to high class conference halls, furnished with the necessities to host impressive meetings and board dinners. And why are all these venues of Amsterdam important? Hosting a good meeting could mean potentially more clients, and that is exactly what we wish to help you with. With our list of some of the best places in Amsterdam, you can be sure of finding the perfect setting for your meet.

Many people have the notion that unique Amsterdam consists of huge venues and big buildings. However, we at Venopi know that even the smaller buildings at the corner of your street are unique in their own special ways, and that is exactly what we want to bring out – the real unique Amsterdam. With our special filters and user friendly websites, Venopi will definitely help you find the right uniqueness' for your event, at the right location with the right facilities. And if you have a building which you think is unique and needs more advertisement, we'll do it for you! All you gotta do is log in and join our family, and that's how you can spread your uniqueness' to the world!