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Since 2017 Venopi connects Venues across all of Amsterdam to potential customers.
4 out of 1000 Amsterdammers will get married this year,
where will they throw their party?
Venopi is a wide-range venu database, offering locations for events ranging from team meetings, to dance events, to private dinners.
We are a dedicated international team of 4
from Sweden, India, The Netherlands and Indonesia.
At Venopi we don’t just build cool apps, we aim to fix a problem and provide a quality solution.

Right customers for right venues

         msterdam is great when it comes to business, culture and nightlife. Opportunities are endless and the cultural event attendance has doubled in the past decade. So has the amount of companies. With a  population of 850,000+ and registered businesses of more than  1,600,000, at some point these individuals and companies are looking for venues, be that for workshops, meetings, private parties, weddings, pop-up opportunities and exhibitions. And this is where Venopi comes in - a smart venue matchmaking platform.

What we offer

We connect you to new customers

Open your doors to many new potential clients. All you have to do is fill out your profile, fill in pricing and availability and you’re good to go.

Dedicated account management

A Venopi representative will be available for you to setup your profile, clear up uncertainties and manage your online presence.

No website? No problem!

If your business doesn’t have a website, or is outdated, you can simply build your online reputation with us. Your clients can get in touch with you directly.

All impressions count

Keep your page updated, to establish a stronger digital reputation. Nothing is set in stone, come back any time and add new photos, tweak pricing and ask for support.

Let your profile do the work

You are in full control of pricing, availability and which events you want to host


Does your venue have a very specific pricing, which depends on seasons and differs per day? No problem. It is very easy to showcase your rates with Venopi. Just answer a couple of questions and the website will direct you to the right pricing form. This will allow your customers to explore everything they need to know about your space.


Our scheduling software allows venues to stay organised. Our calendar will allow you to import and export calendars, fill in your availability and manage bookings. Save time effectively and effortlessly.

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Venopi uses One-time password to make sure your account is secure. We will send you a password to the registered email that is valid for only one login session.

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