A workshop is a social gathering mainly meant for sharing and gaining information, whether its corporate workshop, creative workshop, or even a hackathon. And organising workshops in Amsterdam can be a very tedious job, finding the right venue at the right location with the right amount of seating and the right facilities can be an exhilarating task. But why worry when Venopi is here?



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Rent a room in Amsterdam. What does it take to make a good workshop venue?

Workshops can be of many types, and so can meeting rooms. We can have venues having large podiums, small podiums, no podiums, with varied seating capacities, separate dining rooms, reception tables, and even balcony seats! A good venue is one which is exactly suitable for your needs; it needs to have the right facilities and the right ambiance. Venopi makes things easier for you by listing out all available venues, displaying seating capacities and even having filters for the various facilities provided.

What entails as a workshop?

Creative Workshops and drawing workshops, which are usually just sessions where people can refine and tune their artistic skills like poetry, writing, painting, improve, sketching, hackathons, where participants sit down to design and implement an application which can be used in the real world, usually meant for techies, programming workshops, digital art workshops, design workshops, all these come under the broad umbrella workshop. Most of these sessions are conducted by companies in lieu of helping their employees get familiar with their work or improve their skills. There are teambuilding sessions, yoga workshops and exhibitions in Amsterdam which can also be considered as workshops. We also have cocktail workshops in Amsterdam where you can learn from professional mixologists!

Rooms for rent in Amsterdam. How can I advertise my space?

We at Venopi cater not only to the customer but also to the provider. If you have a venue which you think can be rented out for training and workshops, then all you need to do is sign up at our website, and we'll do the rest! Your place will be up for grabs, for the entire world to see! Professional photographers, caterers, and decorators are also welcome to join our family. After all, we are here to help everyone!