Our story

Venopi is an online marketplace where users can list their spaces for anyone to browse & book. Using the sharing economony model, we partner with businesses to help maximise the usage of their space by providing a platform where they can easily share their venues with people.

Venopi was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2017.

Our team


Founder, CEO & Software Developer

Ivana’s main responsibility is to ensure that Venopi delivers a great product. Her main ambition is to make impact by providing good service, while remaining humble.

Ivana Ivana


Senior Developer

Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code in Python is his main focus. His role is to ensure the ongoing availability and development of the IT system & infrastructure.

Gaurav Gaurav



Arin is the photographer at Venopi. She might be shy and quiet when you meet her, but don't let that fool you! Her technical skills, creativity, attention to detail, & patience are amazing!

Arin Arin

Our values

  • People

    Venopi was founded to help people. We aren't interested in building cool things simply because they are hip. Our aim is to deliver a useful platform that fixes a problem and helps the community.

    People People
  • Creativity

    'Do more with less' - that may be a motto, but for us - also a necessity. Reality is - we are a startup and often have to make do with what's available. And you know what, we are good at it!

    Creativity Creativity
  • Uniting

    At Venopi, we are united and we are uniting. We strongly believe in teamwork and networking, which goes hand in hand with our mission to connect people to locations that fit their needs.

    Uniting Uniting
  • Service

    Our main goal is to provide good service. Why? Because we treat others as we wish to be treated, and we do our best to listen, to help and to fix. Be nice, it doesn't cost you anything.

    Service Service
  • Openness

    Our agile background has made transparency intrinsic to us. Stay unbiased and open to new ideas, and never ever be afraid to make mistakes. It happens, that's OK.

    Openness Openness
  • Have fun

    Say 'no' to cubicles, share memes, discuss books, watch a movie, travel, go out for a drink or two, laugh and listen. This tech world can be overwhelming, make sure it also remains fun :)

    Have fun Have fun

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