Earth Day Edition

Earth Day Edition

Myra (She/Her)

MAS at Venopi, F&B enthusiast, Part Tim…

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Today we’re celebrating Earth Day. By celebrating we don’t mean like celebrating birthdays, but more about giving contributions to the environment, so we can make the Earth a better place to live. As we know, we have to do all this together; big and small, 24 hours of actions, for this planet we call Earth. We can start helping with small contributions, for example, using fewer plastics, re-using packaging, saving water, and many other things. But did you know that by sharing spaces through a digital platform we also help save the environment? This is how:


1.Utilize the space that is already available

Sharing spaces is a unique and innovative way of reducing our collective carbon footprint. By sharing, we can maximize the potential space for different purposes. For example, cafes that are open only until 6 pm can be rented out to people who might need a space for celebrations, meetings, etc. By this, not only we reduce footprints, but we save money as well.

2.Use the already available equipment

By sharing spaces, we can use the existing resources and equipment that are already available, so that we don’t have to buy new stuff that we might only going to use several times. For example, we can use a shared kitchen to test out our new recipes without the need for buying new equipment. This means less environmental damage due to the manufacture of items, and less equipment destined for landfills.

3.Connect people for sharing spaces through a digital platform

Sharing can be seen as a means to reduce carbon and resource intensity. The more a resource is used or shared, the lower the environmental impact it will have. The more people list their space, there will be more spaces available around you area. This means that you can reduce the need for long commutes, meaning fewer carbon prints. This is where technology helps in creating new ways to match requests and demands.

4.Using less papers

While recycling is helpful, the most significant impact comes from using less paper in the first place. People nowadays do pretty much everything online, for example making bookings online, making online payments. All the booking confirmations and the billing can be saved digitally, no papers needed.

In the end, by sharing spaces, we will interact with more people where we can build a community. That seems like a nice contribution to the environment too, since we all are connected and working towards a better world. Happy Earth Day 2020!

Last but not least…Do you have an empty space or know someone who does? Or maybe got an idea to help local businesses during this hard time? Write to us!