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In the spotlight: Alvie Balayo

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This post features Alvie Balayo, a holistic business consultant who helps entrepreneurs build a conscious and intuitive business by assisting them in navigating their business with more integrity and creativity.


Thanks to The Break Fellowship, Alvie and I met in Spain in the Spring of 2023. At that time, I was not in touch with my spirituality, and since my background is in tech, everything needs to be logical and explainable. Even when I "feel" or "see" something unexplainable, I hush and shut them down.


Long story short, my experience in Spain is holistic—the perfect balance between logical, spiritual, masculine, and feminine. Thanks to the 12 other women entrepreneurs (HC15 Alliance) in our cohort at Open Orbi, we transform each one of our lives.


Thus, I am excited to welcome Alvie to our Venopi community as a holistic business and spiritual consultant. My life has transformed for the better because I am in touch with myself, and I want to share that experience with everybody else who is open to doing so.

5.0 I recommend
Sharing obstacles in life is not an easy thing to do. Shan and Alvie made it easy like having a chat with old friends. During the session I felt charged and somehow I felt hugged and twitches under my arms. They gave some tips and bullet points to tackle my doubts. Overall I felt safe to go on journey with them for a better me.
― Dian's review from Alvie & Shan Spiritual Session.


Alvie Balayo on Venopi
Alvie Balayo - Holistic Business & Spiritual Consultant.


Hi Alvie, please briefly tell us about your background & your business.

I’m a holistic business consultant, but before I got here, I was also a lot of other things. I’ve always been overly ambitious and interested in many seemingly random things. I started my career in corporate finance supporting the CEO, backpacked around Asia and the Pacific for almost two years and ended up working in the heart of the EU for several international corporations.


What inspired your decision to blend esoteric and logical elements in your business venture?

I can’t separate the two, and I’m really good at helping people make sense of things that are not measurable or data-driven.


Who would benefit from your services, and what advantages do you offer? 

The people who benefit most from my services are the data-driven professionals who are structured and routine. These are quite accomplished and successful individuals who get things done. My perspective provides them with a new way of looking at things.


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What is the hardest part of the journey so far?

The patience and trusting that what I’m doing will eventually make sense to people.


How about the best part?

Realising that it only needs to make sense to me.


Do you have any crazy, fun, nearly impossible milestones you wish to achieve in the coming years?

I want to visit Korea and Japan without it impacting my work. I also want to learn to hula dance.


What advice would you give to someone just starting their own business?

Trust your gut and don’t overthink it. Everything you have done will eventually make sense if you keep going.


What are some of your greatest learning experiences in running a business?

Your business grows as far as you grow as an individual.


Is there any message you'd like to share with the readers?

Find your why in life, and everything else starts to make sense.


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Closing Thought

Some individuals choose to dismiss esoteric experiences because they find them inexplicable. They prefer a world grounded in the material, where everything is tangible, measurable, and understandable.


I used to share this perspective. However, I came to realise that as knowledge expands, so does the awareness of our ignorance. Consider these examples:

  • The discovery of The Higgs boson particle, often called the "God particle," is a key piece in understanding why we and everything around us have mass.
  • Initially, scientists believed atoms were mostly empty space. Yet, we now know that atoms are not void but filled with invisible, vibrating energy beyond our naked eye's perception.
  • Enter string theory, proposing that all matter consists of atoms, and atoms are composed of electrons orbiting a nucleus of protons and neutrons, which, in turn, are made up of quarks. String theory suggests that electrons and quarks are minuscule, vibrating loops of energy.


In embracing these scientific revelations, it becomes clear that the world is far more intricate and mysterious than we might have initially thought. What I want to emphasize is the importance of keeping an open mind to diverse possibilities and fully immersing ourselves in the richness of life. This openness is a fundamental aspect of our existence. Embrace each moment and the multitude of possibilities it holds!


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

― Nikola Tesla

The evidence supports the idea that our senses are limited.


Interesting article to read:

  • We are not empty. The concept of the atomic void is one of the most repeated mistakes in popular science. Molecules are packed with stuff.
  • Quantum Physics.
  • Cosmological measurements indicate that over 95 per cent of the universe consists of dark matter and dark energy, stuff for which we currently have no explanation within the standard model, and conundrums such as the extent of the role of quantum physics in the messy workings of life remain unexplained.
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