n0lkecil, A Fresh Addition to the Art Scene in Surabaya
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n0lkecil, A Fresh Addition to the Art Scene in Surabaya

Myra (She/Her)

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Meet our newest vendor, a creative space in Surabaya called n0lkecil located in the heart of the city, Jalan Untung Suropati 85. This creative space provides a bright space with modern vibes, yet gives an intimate feeling. It’s open for anyone who wants to collaborate in various forms of activities with an artistic and creative spirit.


It all started in a mutual interest in the contemporary art world, shared by Ade Asria Radiany and Leny Savitri. Ade Asria is working in the education industry, while Leny Savitri is working in the F&B industry. They both had joined a chat group called WonderGallery, where they would discuss everything about contemporary art, from artists, museums, fashion to music and architecture. At a certain point, they were asked by STIE Mahardhika- a business campus based in Surabaya, to build a new multi-purpose building in which students can showcase their final project and art-related activities. This building would have been called “Ruang0” if the project wasn’t postponed due to the pandemic.

Based on this, the founders wanted to apply the same concept to a rather smaller place, which is called n0lkecil. The journey to create this creative space hasn’t been that easy. The founders agreed that it needs commitment to realise your dream into something that’s worthwhile. The truth is that it’s not easy when you work starting from a point where you treat your business as a hobby. You will sacrifice your time and energy no matter what. This, in turn, is completely the opposite of doing real business, where reducing any expenses and profitability are taken into account. But in the end, this doesn’t discourage the founder, where they think it’s important to do what you love then love what you do.



Now, n0kecil has been showcasing different exhibitions, like art, paintings, etc. They have been collaborating with different artists. The process of building and creating exhibitions while collaborating with artists is something that they enjoy and taught them the art of interacting with each other.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you need a creative space or are you an artist looking for a partner to collaborate with for an exhibition? Plan your event now and book n0lkecil through Venopi.