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Use Gender Pronouns on Venopi

Ivana (They/Them)

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Use Gender Pronouns on Venopi

Last updated: Thu, 07 April 2022

We are committed to building a more diverse and inclusive platform, and gender pronouns play an essential role in creating a welcoming community for members of all gender identities. You can add your gender pronouns to your profile to let others know how to refer to you.

This feature is optional, and by default, "Just use my name" is selected. Your gender pronouns will appear next to your name on your Venopi profile and in messages. We understand that details about your identity are personal, so other members will not be able to search for you based on your pronouns.

Where can you find and adjust your gender pronouns?

Go to your user detail here: You need to be logged in in order to see this page. 

Note: We are improving the gender pronouns feature regularly. Feel free to contact us at if you have any feedback or suggestions.