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General FAQ

  • Why Venopi?

    We offer a useful, intuitive platform that connects locations to potential clients in a hassle-free way.

  • How does Venopi work as a venue owner?

    You list your venue by first creating an account. When your venue is listed, you will get leads from potential clients. The more up to date your listing is; photo, price, availability etc. the bigger chance your leads will turn into actual bookings.

  • How does Venopi work as a venue seeker?

    Search for your preferred location using our filters. When you’ve found the perfect venue for your event, get in touch with them! From there you can discuss your needs and wishes for your event. You can sent a request to as many venues as you want before making your mind up.

  • Does Venopi have an app?

    It is definitely in our vision! Have patience, we will get there.

Listing your venue(s)

  • How to list your venue(s)?

    To list a venue you first need to create an account. If you have multiple venues on different addresses, no problem! It’s easy to overwrite your default location on the ‘List your venue’ page. When you have an account you can start to list your venues. Fill in venue details, facilities, gallery, pricing & availability.

  • Who can list a venue on Venopi?

    Do you own a venue/space; big, small, indoors, outdoors? If the answer is yes, we welcome you to list your space with us.

  • Is there a limit to the numbers of venues that I can list?


  • Can I deactivate a listing instead of deleting it?

    Of course! Under your listings, you find a swipe function Listed/Unlisted next to the specific venue. You can list or unlist at any point and for as long as you’d like.

  • I have venues on multiple locations, what do I do?

    No worries! You can always overwrite your default location when listing a new venue. ‘Overwrite your default location’ is located on the bottom of the page ‘List your venue’.

  • How do I edit my company settings??

    Go to ‘Your Listings’ on the dashboard menu, there you find ‘Edit Basic Settings’ on the top left.

  • Why is it important to show photos of my venue?

    When the venue seekers have a big selection to choose from, not showing photo, pricing or availability can be a big mistake and make you lose out on a lot of customers.

  • Does Venopi charge a listing fee?

    As for now, all is for free. Our goal is to help small business.

  • How do I change my cancellation policy?

    You find the cancellation policy under ‘Your Listings’, ‘Edit Basic Settings’.

  • Why didn’t I receive my email confirmation?

    Make sure that you've filled in the right email address. You can find the email currently in use under your company settings. It can take up to 5 minutes to receive the confirmation.

  • How do I change the email address I use for Venopi?

    Email us your; Company name, current email & the email you want to change to. We will fix it in a heartbeat!

  • How do I change my password?

    Go to ‘Profile’ on the dashboard. There you can find ‘Change Password’.

  • How do I delete my account?

    We’re sorry to hear that you’re leaving us here at Venopi, email us and we will delete your profile right away.

Renting a venue

  • How do I search for venues?

    Fill in the prefered location and the amount of people that you are searching for on the homepage. You can later use the filters on the left to narrow your search down to the venues best suited your your needs.

  • How do I book a venue through Venopi?

    Send the preferred venue a request and they will get back to you shortly. We’re working on making it possible to book venues directly via Venopi.


  • How can I provide feedback?

    Thank you for helping us improve! You can email us on

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