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Astrid Blaauw

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My name is Astrid Blaauw-Thoonsen and I am married to Vincent Blaauw. Together we organised our wedding in June 2004. After our wedding day I always got questions about how I had handled the organization, what the best planning for a wedding day was, which suppliers could meet the wishes and much more. I started working on this in a serious way and then in February 2008 I started my own company Astrid Blaauw Weddings & Events. Since then I have assisted more than 160 newlyweds in the organization of their wedding.


I've had a lot of help from Vincent in my work. None of this would have worked without him. He is my support and support in the background, but also often in the foreground. He thinks along, advises where necessary and cooperates fully in the company as my right hand at bridal fairs, at weddings and other activities. Assisting and unburdening a newlywed on the way to the wedding day is a great thing to do. I think along with you, empathize with you and am very involved with you as a newlywed. Despite the many years I have worked as a wedding planner, every marriage remains special.


It is very special to hear all the personal stories of the newlyweds and work together towards the wedding day. During the wedding day I make sure that everything goes perfectly with a detailed playbook. Everything is arranged with attention to detail down to the last detail!

I look forward to meeting you to explain what I can do for you!

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