Grote zaal

83, 1031 HD, Amsterdam

Company: De Ruimte

  • m2


    142 m2
  • Standing (party format)


    70 P
  • Sitting (theatre arrangement)


    50 P
  • Dining


    40 P


About the space

About us

Amsterdam is a city that is bursting with talent. DE RUIMTE gives musicians, artists and artists a place to freely confront themselves with an audience. DE RUIMTE offers these makers a workplace and a stage. We believe that culture does not have to be expensive and we want to create a place for it where people can easily feel at ease. This place is financially and substantively independent.


The makers are welcomed at DE RUIMTE to find and inspire each other. We give them the opportunity to collaborate and engage in larger projects. DE RUIMTE wants to contribute to their individual development and success and gives them the opportunity to make themselves strong as a collective.


For our audience, DE RUIMTE is a place where something always happens. During the day it is both a studio and a living room. You can read the press, meet people, study from behind a laptop in a casual atmosphere. You come into contact with his work by artists in a place that is less intimidating than a museum, where between the paintings, maker and public are not absolute. In the evening, DE RUIMTE is a stage for music, literature, film, debate, poetry and art. This stage is low enough to give spectators the chance to climb on it themselves.


DE RUIMTE surprises, alienates, shakes and surprises. We build a bridge between makers and audience, workplace and exhibition space, stage and living room, content and adrenaline, content and content.


This room is alongside the main bar, cafe, and concert venue. It can be arranged to suit your needs. There is also a flip over. Monday and Tuesday available whole day. Wednesday until Friday available before 16:30.



  • Sound system: Two 8" topspeakers and two 15" subwoofers (also available for live music)
  • Three sing/speaking microphones, possibly backline for music (guitar amplifier, bass amplifier, drums, piano)
  • Beamer (HDMI) and screen
  • Table and chairs


Extra information:

  • €70 per hour / €250 per time slot (4 hours)
  • Beamer and screen €50
  • Optional Technician for €35 per hour
  • Optional extra staff for €25 per hour
  • Subsequent dinner is possible on Monday and Tuesday


  • Private space
  • External catering is not allowed
  • Available to rent outside opening hours


  • Afterparty
  • Brand activation/Experiential Marketing
  • Ceremony
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Event
  • Debate
  • Gala Nights
  • Party
  • Performance
  • Presentation
  • Receptions
  • Seminar
  • Symposia
  • Wedding


  • Beamer & screen Beamer & screen
  • Flexible furniture layout Flexible furniture layout
  • Flipchart Flipchart
  • Professional lighting
  • Sound System Sound System
  • Speakerset Speakerset
  • Stage
  • WiFi


  • Family friendly Family friendly
  • Pet friendly Pet friendly
  • Smoking Zone
  • Wheelchair access


  • Service staff Service staff
  • Technician Technician


  • Alcoholic beverages Alcoholic beverages
  • In-house catering


  • Available outside opening hours
  • Bar

Space rules

  • No Outside Catering/food

Pricing details

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Booking date: 28-10-2020

* (The next day)

Price per hour (mandatory)

  • Hourly rate

    Base pricing per hour
    • Tax 21%
    • Min hour 2.0
    70.00 /hour


    • Tax 21%
    17.50 /guest
    • Tax 21%
    27.50 /guest
    • Tax 21%
    35.00 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    6.50 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    9.50 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    17.50 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    27.50 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    5.00 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    7.50 /guest
    • Tax 21%
    11.50 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    25.00 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    32.50 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    25.00 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    35.00 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    25.00 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    17.50 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    22.50 /guest
    • Tax 9%
    27.50 /guest

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